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 TGOD Mafia Official page - Info & Rules

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PostSubject: TGOD Mafia Official page - Info & Rules   Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:53 pm

Group Rules

1- Never be a cop without a permission from the founder himself, as it's a criminal group.

2-Always be Nice to your mates and never leave em back when fighting cops. (Remember Teamwork)

3-Don't ask for promotions, We'll always be there to promote you when you earn it.

4-you can ask for money nicely from other mates but don't flame/spam them when they say no.

5-Never help pigs in any of there activities that messes up with our rules. (Arresting criminals/Cnr)

6- If you see a member breaking these rules, just warn him and if he didn't listen, just SS and pm Mero or WizKhalifa.

7- Most importantly, have fun and enjoy fucking cops and robbing, Smoke weed everyday!!


Group In-Game Information:

It's Taylor Gang ya'll lame niggas, A criminal group who smash the shit outta cops. Group is ruled by WizKhalifa and Mero. We can be found all over San andreas. You can find us either turfing/robbing or Killing pigs all over the state. We don't have pigs in our gang. If ya saw any of ma dogs working for Law enforcement, Just hit me up with a Screenshot. If you ain't heard bout us, Then you're probably deaf.

TGOD Roster





OG Taylor


New Tylor






Group founded data :  26 - 7 -2017

Group Founder : Mero -WizKhalifa

Group Color : Dark Blue

Group Level : 3

Group Turfs Taken : 1003

Group Alliance : Fight For Honor [FFH]

Real Information about the Gang:
The Taylor Gang was originally coined in 2006 to refer to "Taylor's" who are supporters of Wiz Khalifa. Taylor Gang Ent. was founded in 2008 by Khalifa. The record label was named after Khalifa's alma mater, Taylor Allderdice High School, and his affinity for Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers.Taylor Gang Ent. began as Khalifa's fan base network, street team and home to his crew. The entity later became a full entertainment company encompassing record label, management services, production & film companies. Chevy Woods, Berner, and Tuki Carter all signed to the record label in 2011. In December 2012, Juicy J joined the entertainment company. In 2013, Ty Dolla $ign joined the company as well. In 2014, J.R. Donato signed to the label. King Ken & Kmatic KelZ signed to the label in early 2016. The whole gang blows Weed as Wiz Khalifa got his own Kush Grown KK (Khalifa Kush). As then Gang enjoys fucking bitches, blowing weed, sipping gin and rolling joints for the shows.
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TGOD Mafia Official page - Info & Rules
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