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 TGOD Mafia - Inactivity report

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PostSubject: TGOD Mafia - Inactivity report   Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:48 am

There comes a time when we either need to go on a vacation or maybe venture out and try other things. Whatever it is, we support you. Going inactive or leaving without permission however, is rude, unprofessional and frowned upon. Doing this will result in being blacklisted from returning to TGOD. Follow the format below and wait for a reply from the owners before leaving the Gang so that if and when you decide to return, you won't have to apply again and you get to keep your last rank.


What is your reason for going inactive/leaving? :
Do you plan on returning in the future?:
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TGOD Mafia - Inactivity report
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