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 TGOD Mafia - Blacklist & Complaints

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PostSubject: TGOD Mafia - Blacklist & Complaints    Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:17 pm

This is a list of blacklisted players from TGOD for either having an abusive behaviour, showing a bad faithfulness towards TGOD or breaking our rules repeatedly.

BlackListed Players:

-Monster [Permanent]
-HITMAN/ infinity
-Snap [Permanent ]
Blacklist Appeal format

In game name:
Account name:
Why were you blacklisted in the first place?:
Why should we give you another chance?:

TGOD Members Complaints

If you cought any TGOD member nonetheless whether he is high ranked or not, breaking the server rules or harassing players and showing a bad image, you have to inform us by complaining about him through the forums, and eventually we'll look into it and decide.
In game name:
Whom are you reporting?:
Why did you report him?:
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TGOD Mafia - Blacklist & Complaints
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