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 Ingame/Forum Updates

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PostSubject: Ingame/Forum Updates   Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:21 am

-[Forum] Edited Group Rewards / Group donationg for perks http://gti2.forumotion.com/f5-community-groups [RoNeX-Aragon]
-[Misc] Fixed /report 2 panels [RoNeX]
-[Criminals] Increased Bank Heist Payment {RoNeX} Tested by [Aragon-RoNeX-Spyno]
-[Maps] Fixed PC Bridge Bug {RoNeX} Reported by {GodOfWar}
-[Government] Added Mero & Amine As Trial Admin {Staff Team}
-[Misc] Added New Walk System /ws[walk id] Example /ws 69 [Sneak] .. {RoNeX}
-[Criminals] Increased Betting Shop Payment {RoNeX}
-[Misc] Edited Ammo Prices [RoNeX]
-[Misc] Edited Car Prices [RoNeX]
-[Criminal] Increased Store robbery payment {RoNeX}
-[Criminal] Fix atm robery {Darhal,Aragon}
-[Police] Fix police arrest {Darhal,aragon}
-[Misc] Fix clothes spawner {aragon}
-[Gangsters] Fix briefcase {darhal,aragon}
-[Maps] Fix interiour bugs (aragon,mero}
-[Police] Fix Police Bomb Defusing (RoNeX)
-[Maps] Fix Map Bugs [darhal & aragon]
-[Polce] Fixed Police teamwork bonus working in an opposite way (Darhal) (Tested by Ronex, Spyno, T-r3Xas)
-[Police] Fixed Police being overpaid (Darhal, Aragon,)
-[Criminal] Criminals can now kill each each other (Darhal,Aragon)
-[Misc]Reduced Shotgun,colt,uzi and Tec9 damage (Darhal,Aragon)
-[Misc]Money database fixed (Darhal,Zeus)
-[Groups]Group base spawn fixed (Darhal,Aragon)
-[Gangsters] Gangster cant kill national guard fixed (Darhal,Aragon)
-[Gangsters] Gangesters can's resign fixed (Darhal,Aragon)
-[Misc] Clothes fixed (Darhal,Aragon)
-[Police] You know go to jail when arrested (Darhal,Haider)
-[Criminal] Robbing while non-criminal fixed (Darhal,Aragon)
-[Misc] Database fixed (Darhal,Aragon,Zeus,Haider)
-GTI officially released
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Ingame/Forum Updates
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