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 Suggestion: Icons For People

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PostSubject: Suggestion: Icons For People   Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:48 am

Suggestion summary: Icons for people
Detailed explanation: So, basically like in the game 'Unturned' people have icons of their steam avatars. Why not add that to gti too? It would only be for chats except advert chat and local chat. The size would have to be: 500x500 or 100x100 and it should be a JPG, JPEG or a PNG file. The command for it would be: /set icon linktoavatarhere. and if u want to remove it /remove icon
Location of update (job location on map): N/A
Skins or shaders: N/A
Is there payment for this update? If so place the payout here: N/A
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Suggestion: Icons For People
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